All Saints C of E Primary School Expansion and Refurbishment

All Saints School in Maldon undertook an expansion and refurbishment project, consisting of a single storey classroom extension, as well as interior remodelling of existing areas. The project aimed to provide additional functional spaces to accommodate the growing needs of the school. 

New Classroom Extension 

The extension involved constructing a new single-storey classroom situated between two existing classrooms at the rear of the school. The construction specifications included installation of strip foundations, providing a solid base for the new structure. A block and beam floor has been used to create a stable and level surface, and cavity walls were installed to ensure the new building is well-insulated. The roof of the new classroom has been constructed usingtimber joists and a ply deck and covered with a three-layer felt roofing system. Durable aluminium walls and doors were also used for this extension, as well as being used in the internal remodelling work too.

Internally, the new classroom has been equipped with fitted furniture and included two individual toilets with Integrated Plumbing System (IPS) duct panelling.

Internal Remodelling 

During the summer holidays, the school underwent various internal remodelling works. An existing classroom was converted into multiple administration offices, and multiple classrooms underwent refurbishments. These refurbishments consisted of soft strip demolition, new internal partitions, wall finishes, ceilings, doors, and floor finishes. The school’s main entrance also received alterations to create a new isolated entrance area improving the schools safeguarding situation.

Project Execution 

The project was planned and executed by TJ Evers to ensure minimal disruption to the school’s operation, this involved working around the schools pre planned sports day events, fire evacuation plans and new student enrolment days. The construction and remodelling works were completed ahead of schedule, allowing the school to reopen promptly after the summer break.

The collaborative efforts between the school, Barker Associates, and the construction team ensured that the project met its objectives within the specified timeframe and budget. The competitive tender process guaranteed cost-effectiveness without compromising quality.

The project was successfully completed in September 2023. The work that has been undertaken not only revamped some of the school’s more outdated buildings and features, but have also provided more multi-purposes spaces for students, teachers, and faculty.


All Saints C of E Primary School Expansion and Refurbishment

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