Birketts’ 6k Race4Business

Yesterday evening Team Evers once again joined nearly 800 people in the heart of Chelmsford to participate in the Birketts Race4Business.

This year the Evers team doubled in size with a mixture of serious running fanatics with our fastest member boasting an impressive time of 20:44 mins accompanied by a few amateur runners who had no real aspirations other than to make it across the finish line.

The weather wasn’t in our favour but despite the rain the majority of the team still finished within a ten-minute period and are already discussing entering again next year.

Race 4 business is a 6km ‘FUN’ run to help raise money for Little Havens which is a charity that provides care for children up to the age of 19 who are life-limited, life-threatened or have palliative care needs.

The final figure hasn’t been announced yet but a sum of at least £20,000 will be donated to the hospice.


Team Evers:

Marie Paveley                                                  Tom Norton

Kerry Thorneloe                                               Simon Cooper

Jo Banks                                                           Nick Cross

Ruby Nixon                                                      Anthony Fawcett

Shirley Carter                                                   Alan Evers

Lyndsey Baynham                                           Bill Dyer






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