Evers Completes British 24hr Karting Challenge

Team Evers took on the British 24hr Kart challenge at Teeside Autodrome, Middlesbrough and absolutely smashed it, raising an amazing sum in excess of £3,000 for one of our chosen charities, Big Picture Charity Films.

The Evers team consisted of Steve Ewers, Simon Cooper, Mark Fenwick, Thomas Ewers and due to a last minute back injury call up of Kelvyn Woodhead Jr from Anglia Fixings to add to the team.

The 24hr race included international teams of 4-5 drivers with a total of 81 karts entered from all over Europe.

The Evers teams were extremely pleased to have finished 58th, completing 1009 laps and covering a distance of just over 2119km or 1316 miles.

The same as driving from Evers head office in Tiptree to Portimão race track in Portugal at an average speed of 66mph including 17 pit stops.

All drivers complete 3 stints of around an hour and a half.  The race was very physical and mentally challenging, while adding in dreaded sleep deprivation.

During the 24hr race the team had 2 mechanical issues and 1 minor accident resulting in a lost wheel. Our team manager John Leavett played a vital role in making sure the kart and drivers were all ready to go and in top form. His logistical and mechanical expertise proved to be a massive asset to the team.

We would like to thank everyone who donated and sponsored us for this challenge,  a massive thank you to Valentine Embroidery and Simon Clark for their great work in branding our teams overalls and kart.

If you would like to find out more about Big Picture Charity Films please see www.bigpicturecharityfilms.org/




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