Shirley Carter – 23 Year Anniversary

Shirley is one of our many long serving employees and today celebrates 23 years working at TJ Evers.

Shirley joined the T J Evers accounts department on 11th July 1994 and during her time with us she has been responsible for processing the weekly wages every Monday morning, chasing up time sheets, making sure all the men on site are paid on time and generally looking after them all.  She always does this with a smile and an occasional cheeky comment which only Shirley can get away with!

Shirley also looks after our purchase ledger, weekly subcontractor payments, attendance records and anything else that she can lend a hand with.  She is always happy to help and if you phone her you will usually be greeted with a very friendly ‘hello darling’!

Shirley provides us with plenty of entertainment in the office, often singing out loud just because a song pops into her head.  She rarely gets the tune or the lyrics right and usually has to ask someone else what it is she is actually singing!

She is always the life and soul of every T J Evers social gathering, partial to a glass of wine or two she has given us all a laugh over the 23 years she has been with us.  She has even attempted to ride a bike after a few glasses of wine, got on one side and fallen off the other into a hedge!

Shirley has a very busy life outside of the office, she has two sons and two grandsons, a husband to keep in check and lots and lots of dogs to look after.  She often travels long distances with her friends at weekends, helping them out at cat shows and supporting them when she can.

She has recently reduced her working week to four and half days, but we often joke that she will still be doing the wages when she is 90!  We hope so, as the office just wouldn’t be the same without her.




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