T J Evers Partnership with ‘Design Engineer Construct’ Initiative

TJ Evers have partnered with class of your own and their 2 year  ‘Design Engineer Construct’  initiative at Kesgrave School in Suffolk.

T J Evers joined forces with Ingleton Wood to host a Design Engineer and Construct workshop for the year 9 students at the school. The workshop provided 6 different activities for the students, this offered them the opportunity to experience a few of the keys roles within the construction industry.

The students were brilliant to work with and were very keen to participate in all of the activities.

Tom Corker, Teacher at Kesgrave High School:

We were delighted with the morning. Students were incredibly engaged and motivated on the day. The result has been impact on the students who were inspired and motivated in their learning this week. Students have spoken enthusiastically about the importance of measuring, relevance of Pythagoras, why we need to consider the position of the sun and much more. I really believe that this is the start of a great relationship and that we will all benefit from this. I do look forward to more opportunities to work together in the future.

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