ECTA Excellent Trainee Awards Ceremony 2022

Steve Ewers, Director at T J Evers and Chairman of ECTA, presented the Excellent Trainee Awards Ceremony at the Essex Golf and Country Club on 14th December 2022.

Steve has been the chairman of ECTA for several years and thoroughly enjoys watching young individuals thrive and develop in a profession they are passionate about.

The construction industry is facing a lack of new workers entering the industry and with that a massive skills shortage across the board. Steve knows the importance of continuing to encourage young trainees to join the construction industry and has spent many years participating in career events, workshops and seminars for schools and colleges throughout East Anglia.

‘ECTA actively encourages employers, colleges, federations and other associations to work together to promote the benefits of joining the industry and making it a first choice career path’

A team of Evers staff joined Steve at the awards ceremony and had a great time showing their support and celebrating the success of these young trainees.


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